20 flavours fudge Sample Box
Huge 20 flavours made up of our most popular flavours plus a few ones you probably would be hesitate to try. It is a mystery box but let us just say you won't be disappointed!   
Baileys Irish cream fudge bar
One for the Baileys Irish cream fans. Delicious and creamy.
Banana fudge bar
Smooth and creamy Banana fudge bar.
Biscoff fudge
Biscoff fudge bar - it might remind you of family holidays.
Bubble Gum fudge Bar
Bubble gum fudge bar
Bundy Rum & raisins fudge bar
For the Lovers of Bundy Rum & Raisins.
Bundy Rum fudge bar
Bundy Rum Fudge bar - for the Bundy Rum fans
Butterscotch fudge bar
Smooth and creamy Butterscotch fudge bar
Cake Batter Fudge
Cake Batter fudge - who remembers licking the beaters or spoon. Brings out the child in all of us!
Cappuccino fudge bar
Coffee lovers beware - you won't be able to resist this one
Caramel Burnt fudge bar
Burnt Caramel Fudge bar
Caramel fudge bar
Smooth and creamy Caramel fudge bar.
Caramel Ginger Macadamia fudge bar
A triple treat this one is Caramel Ginger Macadamia
Caramel Macadamia fudge bar
Smooth and creamy Caramel Macadamia Fudge bar
Caramilk fudge bar
Caramilk fudge bar just like the chocolate, smooth and creamy.
Caramilk Twirl fudge bar
A double treat - Caramilk Twirl fudge bar
Carolina Reaper
The worlds hottest chilli fudge challenge. 85g bar of dark chocolate fudge packed with the worlds hottest chilli 
Cheese Cake Fudge bar
Smooth and creamy Cheese Cake fudge bar.
Cherry Ripe Fudge Bar
Cherry Ripe fans will love this one. Smooth and creamy Cherry Ripe fudge bar.
Chilli & Dark chocolate Bar Fudge
For the Chilli fans - Chilli & Dark Chocolate fudge bar
Christmas Gift Box
2 delicious pieces of fudge  Caramel & Milk chocolate 
Cola fudge bar
Cola fudge bar.
Cotton Candy Fudge Bar
Takes you back to the Local Royal Shows. Who doesn't like Cotton Candy?
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